Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wizard Academy Reunion

Got back from the Wizard Academy Reunion just in time to make it to Joy & Isaac's wedding on Sunday. Had a great time in Austin!! We met Michele Miller at the Wizard Reunion & had the opportunity to chat with her a bit. Michele's blog WonderBranding was named as one of the best blogs by this year. check it out:
how cool is it that i got to meet Malcolm Gladwell in Atlanta & then Michele Miller the next weekend in Austin... and get my picture taken w/both of them! oh, and the top pic here is our pic with the wizard himself, Roy Williams. wow... i'm a nerd sometimes.


Cactus Flower said...

Well Kristin, it was MY honor to meet YOU! What a great team you have... hope to see you again soon. :-)


kristin said...

WHOA... I can't believe Michele Miller has visited MY blog!! what?!?! Honored to have you visit... wish I had less pictures and more entries... i'm a little embarassed! HAHA. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for dropping a comment! Hope to see you again soon!