Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mister Roger's Neighborhood

if it were an option, I would adopt our little neighborhood kid.
he’s such a good little guy. his name is Collin and he’s 9 years old. sometimes I pay him to help with yardwork or whatever… but last night he said “I just want to help for free”. ahh... how cute... makes me feel like i live in Mister Roger's Neighborhood when he offers to sweep my driveway or sidewalk... just for the joy & warmth it brings to his little heart...

you think he’s just working on me? nnnaaaahh…… he’s truly a good kid. he cracks me up too.
I wish I could record some of our conversations and so you could hear what comes out of his mouth. he’s gone through a lot in his little life already… more than a lot of adults I know. sad… he’s had to “grow up” more than a lot of adults I know too.

hmm… all I have to say is you should never underestimate a 9 year old. :)

interactive posters… what will advertisers think of next? seriously, look at this:
dang, if you ask me, it might spook some people…. could be a lot of fun though.
you know it will definitely grab people’s attention.

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Summer said...

Like I said, you'll be a great example of a Godly woman for him!