Friday, June 24, 2005

watch out- I'm in a mood.

So I loved the seminar that I went to last week. I am convinced that Roy Williams is some kind of genius. See
We had a good time in Austin for the most part. Quite a driving experience. As one of our friends living in Austin mentioned, the roads haven’t quite caught up with the city’s growth… and they apparently didn’t plan well for expansion. Oh well, we made it in one piece. We rented an Expedition… I have to say, it was fun driving that monster.

After going to the seminar last week, I’ve been doing some thinking about a little something I said on my blog right before going back to work. The part about me being glad that my job doesn’t define me. Yeah, well, that’s just not good. If we all spend 8 hours a day/5days a week doing something that does not in some way fit who we are…. then what the flip is the point? I know, I know, this isn’t a mind-boggling, first-time ever thought… we’ve all thought this before… it’s just so disappointing when the honeymoon part of a job wears off and the reality of things hits you… I’m not in love with this… but I am remaining faithful and giving my all anyway. I just have to remember what my history teacher in highschool used to say: Everything is going to be okay. One of the most important & most useful things I’ve ever learned. Mr. Cap was right… everything usually does end up being okay. :) What kind of torture have I been going through since going to that seminar? I hate “office” work. I hate offices in general. Anyway, I don’t want to think about this any more… I love Office Space… what a great movie. Speaking of jobs, here's some good management advice:

So, last night, Mel, Nicole & I were talking about how crazy Tom Cruise is. He babbles on & on about nothing… has anyone seen that Oprah with him jumping on the sofa about Katie? Yeah, well, I’m not even talking about him & that Katie thing… I could care less about it… I’m talking about just Tom… not Katie… just him. He doesn’t make any sense… ever. That’s why Oprah had to interrupt him a couple times & go to a commercial & pretend like he wasn’t a babbling nonsensical fool. Poor Oprah… I have to wonder what’s going through her head sometimes. I don’t think I could do it… don’t think I could pretend like someone is saying something intelligent that’s worth listening to… when they’re clearly not. But she’s obviously got a knack for it as she has made a very good living for herself doing just that. Why does America listen to what actors & actresses have to say when most of them haven’t even had ANY sort of decent education? Tom just repeats the same things over & over like a broken record.

Wanna check out his rad website?
Okay, I’ll stop now... enough bashing. Gosh, sorry… when I start reminding myself of Tom, that’s a cue that it’s a good time to stop. I have a feeling that the Tom Cruise Fan Club is going to hate me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry...I didn't see this one...I was in a hurry to get out of the office for lunch and just quickly read the Meg one...didn't scroll down. Good blogging today. It took me at least 2 minutes to read it. :) Later nic

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
That seminar's been chewing on me, too. It's tough to walk back from all that inspiration to emails and paperwork up to my eyeballs. But it is definitely better to have goals that keep you awake at night than to sleep soundly in a state of numbed complacency. Keep fighting the good fight!